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yesterday was a long day.  all-in-all it was about 10 hours in my office. that’s not really normal for me, but i definitely do more than 9 to 5 (‘sokay for now – i’m such a keener right now i scare myself).
i try not to have any meetings at all on mondays. so far this has been pretty successful, and it means i get the time to sort out my week while drinking lots of coffee.
so here is, roughly in chronological order, what i did.

  • laptop was all kinds of crashy over the weekend so got in and talked to the tech guys to see what can be done. (not much, it seems. i have a lemon.)
  • trudged through the email that came in over the weekend, tagging stuff for follow-up. i really do need to implement a GTD system because my inbox is a disaster.
  • i’m currently taking a course on Canadian copyright so i got this week’s lesson and realized i hadn’t finished last week’s assignment. nurts.
  • fought with the university’s personnel software trying to mark down some staff absences from last week. realized i don’t have permissions yet, so sent emails to rectify that.
  • dealt with some rush ILL requests to digitize some theses.
  • looked at a quote we gave a campus group for digitizing some archival photos. made a note to talk to the group about creative commons licenses for the photos.
  • read some blogs on: scholarly publishing, copyright, higher education, techystuff, libraryland. oh, and boingboing (yay! Jessamyn is guest blogging!)
  • did some SLA and CLA work on my lunch break. mostly updating blogs and finishing a year end report.
  • finished drafts of workflows for the eScholarship and ePublishing teams. next to tackle: print-on-demand/digitize-on-demand workflow.
  • read the ECAR Institutional Data Management in Higher Education
  • looked at some contracts that we have for our kirtas book scanner and espresso book machine

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