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i met Cliff at internet librarian 2009 after having been twitter/friendfeed buddies for a little while.

i was a freshly-minted librarian and very excited to be at the conference (presenting no less!). i was terribly nervous to meet (or “meat” as i like to call it when i finally get to shake hands/hug someone who i have a friendship with online) a lot of attendees, but not Cliff. when i finally met him, it was all easy-peasy lemonsqueezy in our chit chat – as though we bump into each other doing groceries every week.

i couldn’t quite figure out why it was like that, until just this week, when Cliff went and decided that he would raise 20,000$ for Haiti, with 10,000$ from his own pocket. this is the thing about Cliff: he is one of the most caring individuals i have ever met. i wasn’t nervous meeting him because i knew that he genuinely cared about his friends, online and in meatspace, so i didn’t need to worry about impressions, etc.

i’m writing this post for two reasons:

  1. the earthquake in Haiti has devastated a country which has always needed more help from the international community (and i’m not going to get in the discussion about why i am frequently disappointed that it takes a natural disaster to wake folks up). i’ve been trying to figure out how to help, and the best way at the moment seems to be to give to Red Cross or MSF or Partners in Health, because money gets things done quicker. if you are in a position to give some money, please consider that.
  2. everyone should know about Cliff’s generosity and the fact that the man doesn’t sit around wondering what to do, but instead goes ahead and does it.

as a sidenote, if you ever have the chance to meet Cliff at a conference, DO IT.


Cliff met his goal of raising 20,000$ in THREE DAYS.

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