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cc licensed flickr photo shared by jambina. taken at CiL2009

this is my 3rd year at CiL (also my 3rd anniversary of meeting the awesome Krista) and it’s always such a great conference.

tonight i’m running the Gaming & Gadgets night, and then wednesday i’m speaking on a panel about the digitization and on demand services at mcgill library.

the best part about this conference is always the networking. last year a group of friends coined the term (okay, maybe the term existed before but i had never heard it, so it’s invented here as far as i’m concerned) lobbycon – basically, attending a conference but staying in the lobby the entire time talking to people about what they are doing now (and what they will be presenting on NEXT year).

if you’re at #cil2010, say hi, i have tons of LSW ribbons and libpunk buttons to hand out!

LFPL, LSW, and free libpunk stuff!

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this past tuesday Louisville Free Public Library was hit by a flash flood. the estimates on the damage are still being tallied, but let’s just say it’s going to take more than a few bake sales to recoup their losses.
the wonderful steve lawson came up with the idea to have the LSW raise 5000$ by Sept 1 to send to the LFPL. for details on how to donate, visit steve’s post. [and for the record – steve is hella trustworthy.]
following in the lovely abigail‘s steps, i’ve decided to have a giveaway too. all those that make a donation to the LSW fund, and then shoot me an email to let me know they have done so, will be put in raffle for one item of their choosing from the libpunk store.
i should also note that this is the library where greg schwartz works. if you listened to uncontrolled vocabulary (which you should have – go listen to the archives now!) then consider a donation to LFPL as your way of thanking greg for his awesomeness.