Computers in Libraries et moi

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by jambina. taken at CiL2009

this is my 3rd year at CiL (also my 3rd anniversary of meeting the awesome Krista) and it’s always such a great conference.

tonight i’m running the Gaming & Gadgets night, and then wednesday i’m speaking on a panel about the digitization and on demand services at mcgill library.

the best part about this conference is always the networking. last year a group of friends coined the term (okay, maybe the term existed before but i had never heard it, so it’s invented here as far as i’m concerned) lobbycon – basically, attending a conference but staying in the lobby the entire time talking to people about what they are doing now (and what they will be presenting on NEXT year).

if you’re at #cil2010, say hi, i have tons of LSW ribbons and libpunk buttons to hand out!