more firepits, less powerpoints

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just back from computers in libraries, which is now back at the washington hilton (buh bye crystal city).
this conference always fills me with inspiration and energy to make libraryland as awesome as it can be, but this doesn’t necessarily happen in presentations.
the washington hilton has a glorious patio with three huge firepits and comfy chairs. every break in the conference, and pretty much every evening, i found myself surrounded by passionate people who are actively trying to make libraryland a better place. sitting around the fire, chatting and laughing, this is where i learned the most about great initiatives and people.
i frequently say that i want to “kill it with fire” when referring to parts of libraryland that are broken or antiquated. after being filled with inspiration sitting around a firepit, i guess i can now say that we can “build it with fire” as well.