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i’m just home from 3 conferences in 3 weeks. since october 15 i’ve been at Internet Librarian (Monterey), Access (Vancouver), and DLF Fall Forum (Baltimore).
my brain is positively filled with awesome ideas and inspiration. lists and lists of tools and services that could work at mpow. so much to do. so much fun.
my heart is also full. damn, did i ever make the right call joining libraryland. so many passionate people who want to make sure our communities have access to the information they need. particularly inspiring over these past few weeks:

  • Sarah Houghton’s video looking at recent Amazon loans bullshit (go watch it. now.)
  • the folks who attended our “new modes of publishing” session at DLF and took our challenge to add their thoughts to the google doc we had live on the screen. (the attendees took a list of recommendations – you know, those kinds of recommendations that are both great because they answer “why”, but kinda useless because they don’t answer “how” – and made them actionable. as i tweeted, “way to not just sit on your arses #dlfforum”)
  • Bess Sadler (arguably one of the top coders in libraryland) talking about how it’s not about the code, it’s about the community, at Access.
  • Michael Porter’s passionate and articulate calling-out of vendor disregard for user privacy, while sitting on a panel with OverDrive and other ebook vendors at IL.
  • the librarylanders at Access who made trips down to OccupyVancouver (and those of you who are attending Occupy events in other cities) to support the movement, because libraryland lives outside of libraries – it’s wherever our users are.

there will be more posts coming as i start getting everything out of my head and into action, but until then, libraryland, i love ya.

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  1. 1 Natalie Clairoux (@natalieclairoux) said at 2:12 pm on November 4th, 2011:

    And as a member of Libraryland, I love you too!

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