sla rising star, j’y suis

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PLEASE NOTE: kendra & meg are two of the biggest reasons i am in SLA. without having them as “partners in crime” (aka “partners who want to make SLA the awesome it could be”) i’d be way less involved.
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it’s nothing new for me to say how great i think the SLA is, how they support new librarians, embrace innovation, and are generally a rockin’ bunch of people.

my first SLA conference blew my mind because everyone i met did something wildly different – some were corporate librarians from developing countries teaching users basic internet searching – while others were working in art museums in charge of acquiring rare texts. i think the diversity of the membership is what kept me attached to the organization.

so now i’m a rising star. i’m not sure what that means, but i can tell you what it doesn’t mean.

it doesn’t mean:

  • a free ride in libraryland
  • that i’m done working my butt off for SLA
  • i do any of this extra stuff during work hours
  • that i’m done rockin’ at the IT Division Open House and Canadian Reception (seriously, if you aren’t attending these events, u r doin’ it wrong)

to the other rising stars, from this year and last, let’s make sure to move this organization where it needs to be, and push for the changes we think need to happen. this is one helluvan opportunity, let’s not waste it.

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