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Shovers and Makers 2009: I’m a winner! (So are you.)

so the excellent folks of LSW (especially Steve & Josh) have decided that though Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers list is a great way to get the word out about awesome things folks are doing (and you know, i ain’t gonna knock it), there are even more folks out there doing things that are worthy of attention, and have created the LSW Shovers & Makers award.

i think this award is incredibly important in libraryland.

librarians need to tell people what they do. i am constantly amazed by what the intelligent people in my community think i do all day (turns out, very little). we need to tell people what we do so that people realize how we can help them, and just how important librarians are.

now i know some peeps out there are going to say that because you nominate yourself as a Shover & Maker, it means less. well, as my dad would say, malarkey! nominating yourself, putting yourself forward as someone who does good and interesting things, is exactly what many of us do daily in our libraries.

  • we start new projects and revive dying ones (or we pull the plug on the ones that should’ve died with the card catalogue).
  • we are enthusiastic about the future of libraries and are not afraid to change. (or stay the same – don’t reinvent the wheel/if it ain’t broke don’t fix it/[insert other old-timey saying here]!)
  • we are realistic about the constraints on our resources, but channel our inner libpunk to try and provide exceptional results.

so to all the Shovers & Makers who have yet to add their profile to the site – i’m calling you out. come out of hiding and declare yourself worthy of the LSW honour! because if you think you’re worthy, then you are.

do eeeeeeeeeeeet.

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