pecha kucha FTW!

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pecha kucha (pronounced “hootchie kootchie” by those of us who were tired of sounding like idiots) is a rockin’ great way to present at a conferences.

here’s the dirt: you get 20 seconds to talk about your slides, and 20 slides for your presentation. the slides advance automatically (well they’re supposed to – aaron was taking care of this for everyone but then started cheating during his own presentation so greg took over) so you really only have 20 seconds to get your message across.

it rocks.

you have to be creative with both the visual and the aural presentation, and the time constraints gives the whole thing a sense of urgency which the audience picks up on and it really increases engagement.

the presenters at this hootchie kootchie were all rock stars:

i really think this format would be great for students – it allows you to practice a presentation, using tech, where you have to be succinct and entertaining at the same time. you could hold monthly hootchie kootchies over a lunch hour. you could choose a theme, or even better, turn them into skill-shares/unconferences where people would present on a topic which they know particularly well.

so much fun!


check out the hootchie kootchie for yourself. 

3 Comments on “pecha kucha FTW!”

  1. 1 Jason Puckett said at 3:49 pm on April 9th, 2008:

    Where on earth did this idea originate from? Very cool.

    And was there video?

  2. 2 amy said at 4:45 pm on April 9th, 2008:

    the wikipedia entry has some info on where it’s from.
    as for the video – it should be up on youtube at some point next week.
    highly recommended!

  3. 3 Mike McDermott said at 11:13 pm on May 3rd, 2008:

    This was my response to the “how do you pronounce Hootchie Kootchie?” thing:
    It always helps to have muppets…

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