mebbe i’ll actually #libday all week?

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so i always think about library day in the life, every time it comes around. bobbi is a frickin’ genius to have built this up, and i sincerely hope that current LIS students are reading a bunch of these posts closely – cuz this, this is how we roll in libraryland, and students need to know. (cuz, ZOMG I HAD NO IDEA.)

MONDAY (aka: monday needs to be killed with fire. i hate mondays.)

6:45am: drink coffee and triage email. throw some clothes in the dryer (wrinkle-release FTMFW) while in the shower. dress purdy cuz we are interviewing candidates today and i’m on the selection committee and i want them to lurve us.

8:30am: dean’s cabinet. i have no boss. rather, mpow is hiring an associate director for digital initiatives (aka my boss) so this month, i’m playing boss at planning meetings. i really enjoy being at these meetings, and am learning so much, but… okay. i loathe mornings. my first full-time job, from ages 18-24, was in the newsroom of a big newspaper, from 7pm to 2am. my best hours are 10pm to 2am. so 8:30am? TOO EARLY.

9:30am: i’m on the selection committee for a buncha gigs at mpow. this involves an interview, a presentation, and then a bunch of meetings for the candidate. it also involves a buncha meetings for the selection committee members. buncha = ZOMG. but i really do love being so involved in the process.

11:15: jobtalk. watch the preso by today’s candidate.

noon: eat the foods. catch up on the google reader.

12:30pm: book meetings for the coming few weeks. i chair a few committees and working groups, and am lead on some projects that i need to schedule meetings for. trickier than you’d think. also booked meetings with my team (both group and individual) to prep for the semester.

1pm: read over SSHRC grant we are partnering on to make sure i didn’t promise anything we can’t deliver. (phew. we’re good.) (most excellent digital humanities project which i will surely blog again soon. but in the brief, we’re gonna build up the Ming-Qing Women’s Writings site to do all kinds of awesome stuff.)

1:40pm: read Elsevier’s new batshit-crazy author contract. for the third time. continue cursing their name and praying for a decoder ring so that i can actually understand it.

2pm: watch Jack Layton’s press conference about him stepping down temporarily to fight cancer. am very saddened. also worried about what will happen if he can’t come back to lead the opposition when parliament sits again on sept. 27.

2:15pm: write back to publisher to say thanks for letting us digitize their (probably-out-of-copyright-stuff-anyway-but-they-are-in-a-european-country-and-i’m-not-a-lawyer) run of journals we have, but that yes, we will be making them available to the public, and that is a good thing. really.

2:35pm: network. (what some may call, screwaroundondeinternet. they are wrong.)

3pm: write colleague in the liberry school to talk about potential partnerships for research and publishing. so lucky to have a partner in crime at mcgill. SO LUCKY.

3:30: more selection committee. go over candidates for this gig. lots of evaluation and discussion.

5pm: monday evening drinks with colleagues. i have come to the conclusion that every monday night requires drinks or trivia night with colleagues.

8pm: home. triaging some work email. dealing with some SLA stuffs. sorting out the revolution (IT’S COMING). also finalizing plans for my california vacation in august.

8:30pm: write this thinger.

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