leaders, women, and why it’s okay to be awesome

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last week there was a shitastic infographic making the rounds to help women determine what type of techy broad they are. my response (on ye olde twitter and facebook machines):

dear women in tech, i love you. i do not care about your hair, your purse, or who your dream man is. let’s take over the world. now.

and i meant it. we need to move forward, now.

to remedy my disgust, i recently watched Sheryl Sandberg‘s TED talk. she has three pieces of advice that i think everyone, even those of us in a “women’s profession” can benefit from.

  1. sit at the table
  2. make your partner a real partner
  3. don’t leave before you leave

i think it’s worth 15 mins of your time.

so let’s all do ourselves a favour, and just be awesome. the world can handle it.

One Comment on “leaders, women, and why it’s okay to be awesome”

  1. 1 Cara said at 3:40 pm on February 28th, 2011:

    I have been saying that for years! Just go out and be awesome.. the rest of the world will follow. If you live the awesome, you don’t have to go around telling people how awesome you are- they just know.

    Part of me really feels that women get cheated professionally sometimes… but the larger part of me tells that other part to shut up, stop complaining, stop whining and just BRING THE AWESOME. the end. 🙂

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