larry lessig and copyright

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given that my new gig at mcgill revolves around scholarly communication, copyright is something i deal with on a daily basis.
for the record, i believe:

  • copyright is important and artists should have their works protected so they can make a living
  • [speaking as a scholarly communication chica] university presses help authors make the best of their work, through peer-review, copy-editing, and layout (check out MQUP‘s books – attractive scholarly texts? NOT kookytalk!)
  • copyright law in canada (and the u.s. since i hear about that regularly as well) is in need of a kick-inna-pants because it is no longer protecting culture but inhibiting it
  • a lot of scholarly presses are burrowing their heads in the sand in lieu of evaluating their business models

larry lessig (he of creative commons) gave a talk at educause this year, and not only is it one of his best talks, but it looks at the issue of copyright in an academic milieu – something which (i agree) needs re-evaluation.

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  1. 1 Megan said at 8:48 pm on November 15th, 2009:

    Re: kick-inna-pants for copyright:

    I thought that one of the most powerful points in Lessig’s talk was that The Law doesn’t have to be blindly, fearfully obeyed. It’s meant to be interpreted. So that puts the ball in our court to actually *think* before accepting the restrictions put on content in certain sectors or, conversely, facilitating use that harms creators.

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