it’s pronounced “muhn-tree-ahl” if you’re anglo.

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i was curious about “where he ate”…

Beautys – good food but crazy long lines in the morning when you’ve probably been out too late at other establishmens in the city. (also, if you want a mishmash, you go to Cosmos Café in NDG. hands down.) (and Montreal bagels ALWAYS WIN.)
St Viateur – hellz yes. like i said.
Club Social – hipstercentral though supergood coffee.
Jean Talon market – i miss having a car. WILD ASPARAGUS WINS. as does raw cheese (pretty sure they are at the Buckland cheese stand at Jean-Talon.) (no, i have no insider info)
Atwater market – 2 blocks from my house. seriously great, but a bit pricier than than Jean Talon.
Club Chasse & Peche – never been, but i know someone who used to work there. also, you can never stop Adam from talking ; )
L’Import Piece – never been. damn.
Marven’s – classic. don’t miss. calamari FTW.
crossing the street in montreal – ya, game on, muthafuckas. have your wits about you.
the Tam Tam – hippie drumming. superfun.
Guerriers de la Montagne – LARPish Montreal.
St Lawrence surfing – sure. why not.
Brasserie Capri – this is my ‘hood. now on my list. (any place that serves quarts of Export and real pea soup…)
Dominion Square Tavern – excellent drinks and the sink in the women’s loo is wonderful.
Gros Gibeau – go see cars, and have Orange Julep. well worth a summer night.
Joe Beef – JUST GO. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT. the garden out back, the smoker, the oysters, the staff (esp Vanya who will help you find the good wines)… JUST GO.
L’Express – get the steak frites.
Romados – Portuguese chicken will ruin you for all other rotisserie.
Brasserie T – never been. but Normand Laprise is fanfuckingtastic.
Big in Japan – totally on my hit list. noted: don’t mess with Martin Picard.
Grumman ’78 Taco Truck – well, when it’s open, ’tis the best thing in life, but it’s not open that often. blame Drapeau. (he really monkeyed the province.)
Nouveau Palais – late night eats. the only thing better is a poutine at La Belle Province, or peanut noodles at that place on St Laurent and des Pins which is probably closed now.
Schwartz’s – his order is perfect. and smoked meat is way better than pastrami. ya, i said it.

you can keep Celine Dion. most of us are pretty okay with that.



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