i should have done this ages ago

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  • i haven’t in the past
  • it is time to walk the talk
  • i am on tenure-track at a major research university
  • the tenure & promotion process must evolve
  • publishing is about sharing knowledge
  • i believe it is fundamental to society
  • and possibly, because Open Access Hulk told me to do it…

from now on, i will only review articles for, sit on editorial boards of, and publish in, open access journals.

(wow! that. felt. AWESOME.)


4 Comments on “i should have done this ages ago”

  1. 1 Dale said at 11:22 am on October 20th, 2011:

    Next challenge: self-archive your own publications on the CV you have linked on this blog. They may be in an IR already, but putting them out there on your CV sends a good message.

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