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i’m thrilled to announce the inaugural issue of the Journal of Librarianship & Scholarly Communication. this journal came out of a fantastic series of meetings sponsored by IMLS on library-based publishing. i was fortunate enough to go to the University of Utah to share how my experiences in publishing pre-libraryland are helping me as i work on McGill’s epublishing initiatives. there i met Isaac, and a number of other kickass-types in libraries and scholarly publishing. also, Salt Lake City has some yummy beer.
anyway, JLSC was founded after those meetings by Isaac and Marisa who saw the need for a venue to discuss the issues relevant to scholarly communication and publishing librarians (and IR managers, and those involved in digitization, and and and…)

basically i kinda feel like this journal was created for my job, specifically. HOW LUCKY AM I?

i was fortunate enough to be invited to be part of the founding editorial board, which, kinda blew my mind, and my mind continues to be blown during every editorial board conference call. ya, a conference call that i actually look forward to – who woulda thunk it?

so, check out the inaugural issue. then think of something to submit to get your research out there! (naturally, we are an open access publication, cuz research shouldn’t live behind pay barriers.)

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