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i have the good fortune of attending Books in Browsers at the Internet Archive (also known as the “fathership” – assuming the “mothership” is the Library of Congress). the conference was attended by librarians, publishers, authors, developers, and other people who are interested in making sure stuff that’s written gets read.
one of the presenters is none other than Erin McKean. if you haven’t seen her TED talk yet, i’ve embedded it below. one of my all-time faves.
Erin’s new project is called wordnik.

Wordnik is a place for all the words, and everything known about them.

in her presentation she explained that since dictionaries try to cover the most useful words for the largest group of folks, they frequently leave out the newest and rarest. Wordnik does the opposite. essentially it is a crowdsourced dictionary (including real-world sentences) that aims to have all of the words in the English language. amazing. a context-driven dictionary? i think i’m in love.

but the best part? IT HAS AN API. (and soon there will be an iOS SDK.)

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  1. 1 Mike McDermott said at 8:10 am on October 23rd, 2010:

    Very cool… It was funny: when the whole social networking thing was getting rolling I was asked to do a little talk about it for our staff, and one of the examples I used then was
    They advertise themselves as: “Like Flickr, but without the photos.” Another sort-of social networking site, but taken to some sort of sublime / silly minimalist extreme.

    Now I see forwards to wordnik, and my old wordie login still works. I knew that site sounded cool… 🙂 Glad to hear of the new developments – Thanks for the report.

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