Second Life at SLA 2009

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i’m very excited to be giving my first Click U workshop at the upcoming SLA conference in Washington, DC.

Click University — Informing Avatars: Exploring the Possibilities of Virtual Worlds
Through a hands-on workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the possibilities of virtual worlds, enter Second Life to create an avatar, and explore possibilities for their organizations. Discussions will revolve around the possibilities for organizations in virtual worlds, the pros and cons of developing a VW presence, and the importance of being aware of this technology.
Sunday, 14 June 2009 8:00AM – 12:00PM
Price: US $229 member / US $349 non-member / US $229 student member

it’s going to be a basic introduction to Second Life, and i expect it to be lots of fun (except for the start time – i hope there’s coffee!)

i hope to see you there!

(note: early bird registration closes April 3, 2009.)

Ada Lovelace, meet Kathryn Greenhill

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it’s Ada Lovelace Day (go read about her, i’ll wait) and i (along with 1694 other folk) pledged to blog about a tech heroine. so i started doing some research. then more research. and though i did uncover a lot of awesome women who have done amazing things, none of them  were just right.

and then it occurred to me that i was thinking too hard, that there was someone – a friend even! – who i think would’ve gotten along famously with Ada – Kathryn Greenhill*.

now to be honest i’ve never actually met Kathryn in the flesh (though i will next week at CiL – w00t!) but she is still, without a doubt, my tech heroine.

she tinkers with emerging technologies to see if they might fit in her library.
she wrestles with WPMU installations.
she invited students to build the Murdoch University space in second life with her.
she won a travel scholarship to tour the u.s. for 6 weeks looking at alternative discover layers and open source software.
she encourages me when i am frustrated with libraries and technology and reminds me that sometimes, it’s best to ask for forgiveness, instead of permission.

so, for Ada Lovelace Day, i would like to say a ginormous MERCI to Kathryn.

*yes i’ve aleady blogged about how awesome Kathryn is. she just really is that great.

do things that scare you

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such as present at a workshop where you’re on the slate with seasoned veterans like Stephen Abram and Michael Stephens.

i would say that i am fairly comfortable presenting in front of a group. we do a lot of teaching at my branch, so i have had a lot of practice explaining somewhat complicated things to folks.

i also read up on presenting (slide:ology and presentation zen are two recent faves) and while i don’t consider myself as proficient with powerpoint as Larry Lessig, i certainly don’t force my audience to suffer “death by powerpoint”. or as Dorothea puts it, “i don’t think i’ve ever wasted the audience’s time”.

so though i’m okay speaking to  people, and know that my presentations are, for the most part, not-so-bad, being asked to speak at this workshop was still scary.

scary because…

  • both Stephen and Michael know how to engage an audience.
  • i wasn’t presenting at some far-off  conference to peeps that i will only ever see again at another conference. i was presenting to local librarians and library school students – my colleagues and friends!
  • i didn’t get to rehearse nearly as much as i had hoped (note to self: your procrastinatory skills are epic. you must fix this).

but scary is good. scary makes you try harder. scary makes you prepare better (plz to disregard my 3rd point above). scary makes you try things. scary pushes you to do something!

and then the next time you do it, it’s less scary. and then the next time, even less scary. and so on, and so on…

so how have you scared yourself lately? (alright alright, use “challenged” if that sounds better in your head.) i am well aware that it is easier to say you are going to do something new than to actually do it.

what if a double-dawg dare you?

print vs online

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(sometimes print really is better.) cc licensed flickr photo shared by inju

CBC’s Spark (i love Nora Young!) had a recent episode discussing the value of offline formats of communication: basically, stuff printed on dead trees.

hearing about Ben Tennett’s project Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet, where he selected blog posts and published them as a newspaper, made me think about the things that i prefer to read in print. (bias: i worked in the newsroom of a major metropolitan daily newspaper for 8 years, so i like pretty much everything about newsprint, from the smell to the inky fingers. also, i am an EXPERT at refolding a newspaper so that it looks unread. talents, i haz’em.)

thinking about my love of newsprint, i looked at all the paper on my desk: memos, catalogues, course outlines, to-do lists, and a bunch of pieces of paper which i don’t remember putting there but which have magically appeared on my desk.

  • how many of these bits and pieces could be delivered in a different format?
  • maybe more importantly, how many of these pieces of paper should be delivered in a different format?
  • would i treat them differently if they weren’t printed and in a pile on my desk?
  • with my inbox (all of them) already overflowing, do i want previously-printed items to be delivered electronically?
  • do we feel differently about things we read in print? things we read online?

while blogs serve many purposes within an organization, they can’t do it all. i worry that some of us are jumping on the blogging bandwagon because we think that it will solve all of our communication problems.

how often does your organization evaluate your communication needs and address which can be met best with online vs print information?


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well that was awesome and terrifying.

my first presentation at Internet Librarian. i think it went pretty well. i know i spoke way too fast but i was worried that we wouldn’t have enough time.

click here to go to my list of presentations and check out our slides.

many thanks to erik and jaap of the shanachies who were on the same panel, and the wonderful mary auckland for organizing the whole enchilada.

time for a name change?

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when i started this blog i really thought i would be blogging about library-related matters in Second Life. i have, and i will again, but i don’t think calling this blog “informing MUVEs” is entirely accurate.

since my motto/mantra/catchphrase/thing i like to write is “knowledge requires collaboration” maybe i should try and incorporate that. but how, without it seeming awkward.

and after chatting with Jill, i also like keeping the whole “informing” angle. but that seems a bit daunting – does that mean i have to always inform when i blog?

what about in.forming ? thoughts?

Second Life reference rocks

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today i helped some folks who live in countries where a lot of news is censored, find quality information to answer their immediate needs.

Amy Kearns had an idea a few weeks back about having a 24 hour “twitter librarian” that would answer questions shot into the twittersphere.

Metafilter offers similar reference services (tho not answered specifically by librarians), through a community of users.

THIS. THIS is why i love the possibilities of the web. getting information to people, via avatars, micro-blogging, or discussion forums.


live-blogging Learning 2.0 talk with John Connell

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i’m live-blogging Virtual Worlds LEM conference

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if you click on the link in the bar above you’ll be able to see transcripts of my live-blogging using Cover It Live (which is a genius app and i’m really happy with it.)

for some reason i lost connectivity (i blame SNOW) and had to rewire my house so there’s a big chunk missing between the first two sessions.

i want Second Life on my iPhone

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okay, first, i want an iPhone. us Canucks can use them but only with some hacking, and as techie as i like to think i am, really i just like to play with the toys, not program them.

according to the International Business Times (thanks for the tweet about this Fleep!) Vollee plans to develop an interface which allows users to access SL from their mobile phone.

i love this idea in principle – especially given the number of educational resources in SL. if i’m late for my SL class/meeting i can access it while i’m sitting on the bus in traffic. awesome.

but part of the fun of SL is that it is an environment which is visually stimulating – how are they going to maintain that on a teeny mobile screen?

and how big is your av going to be?

and the chat – my gawd – the chat!

and while i’m sitting on the bus in RL attending my meeting in SL, will i be sitting next to someone in RL who is doing naughty sexy-time things in SL?

and if i lose my phone, does this mean that i’m vulnerable to having my SL account hijacked? (not Jambina – no!!!)

all this being said, if i had a phone with a big enough screen (maybe the MLIS graduation fairy will bring me one) i’d probably try it out. but that’s because i’m an SL junkie.