come to Library Camp Monterey!

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by kendrak

Internet Librarian is holding it’s first unconference/library camp/barcamp session – and you should be there!

Jenica Rogers and i will be facilitating Library Camp Monterey, the morning of October 24, 2009 in the Monterey Public Library, and we’d be thrilled to have all of you join us.

This will be an interactive discussion about people, technology, and libraries. Bring your war stories and your questions and be prepared to share as this is definitely NOT a “sage on the stage” event. (PowerPoints are forbidden!) This unstructured conversation may range from web development to info commons to everything in between, in all types of libraries.

Head over to the wiki to add your name and any topics that you’d like to discuss.

See you October 24th!

a panel you should vote for at SXSWi

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the lovely Cecily Walker has proposed a panel at SXSWi and i think you should vote for it.
not just because i’m part of it and really want to visit Austin.
and not just because i’m part of it and really want to geek out in Austin.
you should vote for it because Cecily and i want to talk about tech in libraries to techies, and to tell techies how awesome it is to work in a library and maybe, just maybe, they might like to give it a go.
the panel is called “can i reserve this book with my iphone” and you have to create a free account to vote for it. once you’ve created the account, there are tons of other cool panels which you can vote on – touching on a bajillion different aspects of technology. get your vote on!

presenting tips and tricks

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it’s getting to that time of year when MLIS students are spending more time working on their CVs and cover letters than on their coursework (note: get’er done guys). one aspect of the interview will certainly be a presentation (which can vary in length – i’ve heard of 5 minute quickies to 60 minute instructional sessions). and while some of you may wonder why a librarian would have to be good at presentations, i certainly hope that those of you coming out of LIS schools realize just how often you will have to speak, with persuasion and conviction, in your day-to-day in a library. if you’re not presenting an idea to your committee colleagues, then you are doing an introduction to library resources for new students, or helping PhD students navigate the depths of various databases.

there have recently been a number of good posts on presentation preparation and techniques, so i thought i’d share’em here.

the awesome Ryan Deschamps has a killer post on “doing a 15 presentation in 10 easy steps“. these 10 steps are broken down into 3 categories:

  • what do you have to say?
  • how will your audience understand you?
  • feeling confident and prepared

the equally awesome Iris Jastram thinks about how active learning principles have a place in some presentation, while others will need another angle to keep the audience engaged.

Rochelle Mazar (yay Canadialand) pointed me to the video “How to create a great powerpoint – Take 2.0“. i totally agree with Rochelle that the 60 second intro is awesome and i will definitely use it for my next presentation.

and finally, if you really want to work on your presenting skills, why not attend Pres4Lib: A presentation camp for speakers/trainers? they are going to have BATTLE DECKS!!!

Second Life at SLA 2009

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i’m very excited to be giving my first Click U workshop at the upcoming SLA conference in Washington, DC.

Click University — Informing Avatars: Exploring the Possibilities of Virtual Worlds
Through a hands-on workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the possibilities of virtual worlds, enter Second Life to create an avatar, and explore possibilities for their organizations. Discussions will revolve around the possibilities for organizations in virtual worlds, the pros and cons of developing a VW presence, and the importance of being aware of this technology.
Sunday, 14 June 2009 8:00AM – 12:00PM
Price: US $229 member / US $349 non-member / US $229 student member

it’s going to be a basic introduction to Second Life, and i expect it to be lots of fun (except for the start time – i hope there’s coffee!)

i hope to see you there!

(note: early bird registration closes April 3, 2009.)

cil2009 – an anniversary of sorts

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just arrived at CiL after a pretty bumpy ride on what must have been air canada’s teeniest plane.

off to a good start as i finally got to meet the awesome Karen Schneider while waiting for our shuttle to the hyatt.

this time last year, i was still in school and decided, on one crazy afternoon, to attend CiL. everyone was tweeting about it and it just sounded like a great place to talk to real live librarians about tech in libraries.

i got a gig coordinating the quickie talks in the exhibit hall in exchange for free registration. the lovely Krista let me bunk with her despite not knowing me (at all). and all the tweeps were wonderfully welcoming to me and let me be their groupie for the entire conference. it was incredible.

one year later a lot has changed, but i am still as excited as i was last year (and i’m still bunking with Krista, and i still feel like a groupie). it’ll be different  now that i have a gig and can critically assess ideas and their usefulness at mpow (as opposed to last year when i was just taking it all in becaues i wasn’t sure where i would end up working). i’m really looking forward to stealing everyone’s ideas learning about new services and possibly implementing them chez moi.

oh, i’m also REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on a LSW Shover & Maker button!
LSW / S & M

do things that scare you

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such as present at a workshop where you’re on the slate with seasoned veterans like Stephen Abram and Michael Stephens.

i would say that i am fairly comfortable presenting in front of a group. we do a lot of teaching at my branch, so i have had a lot of practice explaining somewhat complicated things to folks.

i also read up on presenting (slide:ology and presentation zen are two recent faves) and while i don’t consider myself as proficient with powerpoint as Larry Lessig, i certainly don’t force my audience to suffer “death by powerpoint”. or as Dorothea puts it, “i don’t think i’ve ever wasted the audience’s time”.

so though i’m okay speaking to  people, and know that my presentations are, for the most part, not-so-bad, being asked to speak at this workshop was still scary.

scary because…

  • both Stephen and Michael know how to engage an audience.
  • i wasn’t presenting at some far-off  conference to peeps that i will only ever see again at another conference. i was presenting to local librarians and library school students – my colleagues and friends!
  • i didn’t get to rehearse nearly as much as i had hoped (note to self: your procrastinatory skills are epic. you must fix this).

but scary is good. scary makes you try harder. scary makes you prepare better (plz to disregard my 3rd point above). scary makes you try things. scary pushes you to do something!

and then the next time you do it, it’s less scary. and then the next time, even less scary. and so on, and so on…

so how have you scared yourself lately? (alright alright, use “challenged” if that sounds better in your head.) i am well aware that it is easier to say you are going to do something new than to actually do it.

what if a double-dawg dare you?