Come hear Jim DelRosso (also me) talk repositories at NYLA!

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Jim DelRosso and I will be presenting a pre-conference CE workshop on digital repositories at the New York Library Association’s Annual Conference this year. The date is September 25, and here’s the low-down:

Digital Repositories

Sponsor: ASLS
Half Day PM  2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
This workshop addresses key issues surrounding the creation, maintenance, and cultivation of digital repositories. Drawing on the latest literature, case studies, and personal experiences, speakers lead a discussion that covers planning the digital repository, selecting a methodology for its establishment, populating it with content, marketing it to the library’s constituencies, and meeting the various challenges and questions along the way. Participants have the opportunity to bring their own experiences to bear, as well as engage in group discussions regarding how to get the most out of a digital repository.

Jim DelRosso is the Digital Projects Coordinator for Cornell University’s Hospitality, Labor, and Management Library, where he is responsible for such projects as DigitalCommons@ILR, the digital repository for Cornell’s ILR School. A digital librarian since 2009, Jim is also the President for the Upstate New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association, and has served as the Communication & Social Media Chair for the SLA’s Academic Division.

Amy Buckland is the eScholarship, ePublishing & Digitization Coordinator at McGill University Library, where she is responsible for scholarly communication, publishing initiatives, and making rare items from special collections available to the world through digitization. She loves information almost as much as Fluevog shoes, and thinks academic libraryland is ripe for a revolution. You can find her online at and in most social networks as Jambina.

So, if you’re heading to NYLA, or just thinking about it, give us a look. We’ll be entertaining and informative!

[ya. i totally swiped this from Jim. plagiarism is love.]

i should have done this ages ago

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cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by late night movie


  • i haven’t in the past
  • it is time to walk the talk
  • i am on tenure-track at a major research university
  • the tenure & promotion process must evolve
  • publishing is about sharing knowledge
  • i believe it is fundamental to society
  • and possibly, because Open Access Hulk told me to do it…

from now on, i will only review articles for, sit on editorial boards of, and publish in, open access journals.

(wow! that. felt. AWESOME.)


open acces / libre accès

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yay Open Access Week!
McGill Library will have a bunch of announcements out this week about initiatives we’ve been working on – so follow the twitter stream.

we also partnered with CARL to produce this quick video introducing OA concepts.

(video en français disponible ici)

i will have a more personal post about OA sometime during this week, but right now, SO BUSY.

copyright bill c-32 just dropped

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and it’s really REALLY important that everyone read it.
i’m going to spend some time with it (me = not so good with legalese) and then post some thoughts.
you should do the same!

Copyright Bill C32

i’m live-blogging #ePubMcGill

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check out the McGill Library Blog where i’m live-blogging ePublishing in the Scholarly Community. there will be webcasting this afternoon as well.

ePublishing in the Scholarly Community

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McGill is hosting a great event on May 28, 2010 – the folks from the Public Knowledge Project will be around to give demos of their great software, and John Willinsky will be featured on a panel in the afternoon looking at New Models for the Scholarly Monograph.
if you’re interested – you can register below – but please go read the full details first!

things i didn’t learn in library skül

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i’m currently taking a course to familiarize myself with copyright since so much of my day involves depositing work in the IR, digitizing & printing rare texts, and publishing scholarly journals.

Copyright Consultation Town Hall Montreal

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new blog on open access geniosity

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check out Open Students. i seriously love this mandate:

We’re students – the next generation of scholars.
We believe that science should be open, for everyone to learn.
We’re changing the way that research is disseminated.

and they invited me to guest blog! (i better figure out something to say… any ideas out there?)