hey, common sense, where you at?

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the beauty of being a librarian (or perhaps the horror, depending on the day) is that you are always a librarian – no matter what you are chatting about, you always come back to similar themes: access, authority, and service.

awhile ago a little chat on friendfeed (which likely started nowhere near what it became) evolved into david developing a bit of a “manifesto” for what he calls (and i love) “common sense librarianship“.

go and read it. my favourite is the first:

The world of information has always been in a constant state of flux. As technology continues to changes the world of information, it is preferable for information professionals and the institutions they serve to adapt rather than perish.

and this is the thing, as much as i rant about how slow change is in libraryland, we are capable of doing it. think of the changes in libraries over the past 100 years!

  • open stacks
  • telephone reference
  • the automation of the library
  • electronic holdings
  • chat reference
  • online information literacy tutorials
  • (note these are not in a real order)…

our track record indicates that we are able to adapt and change, we just have to stop being scared to do it.

leaders, women, and why it’s okay to be awesome

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last week there was a shitastic infographic making the rounds to help women determine what type of techy broad they are. my response (on ye olde twitter and facebook machines):

dear women in tech, i love you. i do not care about your hair, your purse, or who your dream man is. let’s take over the world. now.

and i meant it. we need to move forward, now.

to remedy my disgust, i recently watched Sheryl Sandberg‘s TED talk. she has three pieces of advice that i think everyone, even those of us in a “women’s profession” can benefit from.

  1. sit at the table
  2. make your partner a real partner
  3. don’t leave before you leave

i think it’s worth 15 mins of your time.

so let’s all do ourselves a favour, and just be awesome. the world can handle it.

fun thing: wordnik

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i have the good fortune of attending Books in Browsers at the Internet Archive (also known as the “fathership” – assuming the “mothership” is the Library of Congress). the conference was attended by librarians, publishers, authors, developers, and other people who are interested in making sure stuff that’s written gets read.
one of the presenters is none other than Erin McKean. if you haven’t seen her TED talk yet, i’ve embedded it below. one of my all-time faves.
Erin’s new project is called wordnik.

Wordnik is a place for all the words, and everything known about them.

in her presentation she explained that since dictionaries try to cover the most useful words for the largest group of folks, they frequently leave out the newest and rarest. Wordnik does the opposite. essentially it is a crowdsourced dictionary (including real-world sentences) that aims to have all of the words in the English language. amazing. a context-driven dictionary? i think i’m in love.

but the best part? IT HAS AN API. (and soon there will be an iOS SDK.)

LibraryCamp Monterey v.2!

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by Jenica26

i’m thrilled to be the facilitator for LibraryCamp Monterey at Internet Librarian 2010.
last year’s camp was a great success (pic above), and can we get a round of applause for the Info Today peeps for making librarycamp part of their regular conference schedule?

here are the details:

who: anyone who can make it
what: librarycamp/unconference/generally awesome gathering of librarylanders
when: october 23, 2010 from 9:30am to 12:30pm
where: Monterey Public Library, 625 Pacific Street, Monterey [map with directions from conference centre to library]
why: because it will an opportunity to learn from each other – be ready to get your think on
how: maybe we just need the 5 Ws for this…

if you have any questions, leave a comment, shoot me an email or tweet me @jambina

can’t wait to see all of you!

yarn bomb!

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i <3 halifax public libraries for this positively genius idea to draw the community’s attention to the planning process for the soon-to-be-built central library.

if you’re in halifax, be sure to attend the public consultation about the new central library on june 10, 2010.

copyright bill c-32 just dropped

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and it’s really REALLY important that everyone read it.
i’m going to spend some time with it (me = not so good with legalese) and then post some thoughts.
you should do the same!

Copyright Bill C32

i’m live-blogging #ePubMcGill

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check out the McGill Library Blog where i’m live-blogging ePublishing in the Scholarly Community. there will be webcasting this afternoon as well.

ePublishing in the Scholarly Community

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McGill is hosting a great event on May 28, 2010 – the folks from the Public Knowledge Project will be around to give demos of their great software, and John Willinsky will be featured on a panel in the afternoon looking at New Models for the Scholarly Monograph.
if you’re interested – you can register below – but please go read the full details first!

libpunk is as great as it sounds

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by sashafatcat

libpunk was a term coined by kathryn stemming from jim’s term edupunk. she has a killer definition on her blog – so go check that out.

i took it to mean “building libraries out of whatever you have handy”. be that wordpress, scraps of paper, or just a really smart dude who is willing to connect folks to information. voilà – library!

i have to say that i’m less concerned with the mechanics of libpunk. you don’t need to hate corporate ‘Merica to be libpunk. some library vendors give a damn. you don’t have to hate tenure, conferences, or the boringest parts of your job to be libpunk

what you have to be, to be libpunk, is willing to critically evaluate everything and look for non-libraryland answers that suit your needs. other folk have solutions to our problems, just as we likely have solutions to some of theirs.

i see libpunk as the opportunity to break-free from libraryland-only talk. break-free from reinventing the wheel. break-out of silos. break-up with partnerships that don’t help our users. but mostly, BREAK THINGS AND MAKE THEM BETTER.

off to Monterey!

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heading to Monterey today to attend Internet Librarian. not only do i get to catch up with my friends, but i get to hear about all the awesome ways libraryland is taking advantage of the web to better meet the needs of library uses.
tomorrow is the first ever LibraryCamp at IL and i’m really looking forward to facilitating that with Jenica Rogers.
i’m also giving a talk on cloud computing with Kendra K Levine and Laura Harris.
finally, i am participating in BattleDecks on tuesday night with folks who are wicked fun.
this is gonna rock.