your privacy is in the way of my ads

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so i’m not new to the internet. it’s been, errr, over 25 years since i’ve been talking to strangers through my computer. i’ve also met a bunch of friends, so you know, the good outweighs the bad.
and i use social media a lot. A LOT. i have talked and blogged about how i fully believe that twitter got me my first job. and how it has helped me meet awesome folk. and how it inspires me daily. so i understand social media. and, not being a n00b, i realize that this diagram, is fairly accurate:

but i do expect social media companies to be straight with me. to tell me when terms of service change, and to tell me when other things, things that are way more important to me than money, like say, WHAT I SHARE WITH PEOPLE, changes. so recently… this happened.

1. linkedin

INORITE? i never thought these guys would get all sneaky. but if you have a linkedin account, be sure to check out this post and be aware of which groups can use your name and photos in their ads on linkedin. (note: read the updates – especially if you run a group.)

2. facebook

alright. i’ve had lots of issues with facebook changing privacy settings on me with no notice. so much so that i now check them every 2 weeks, cuz i don’t trust them. this change is making the rounds now, but i feel like this was actually enabled in the winter? anyway, now all of the phone numbers on your mobile are synced with facebook. you did kinda agree to this by installing the app, but you probably didn’t notice. anyway, to nuke it, just follow these instructions.

all this to say

read everything. i never read the terms of service for itunes, and i’m pretty sure steve jobs n’co now own my house and my first born. i was willing to take that risk in the past, but you know what? i might actually want to keep my first born! if i can’t have a monkey butler, the least i can do is have a kid i can train to get beer from the fridge – right?

so i vow, from this day forward, to read TOS and all the small print for all social networks, and i think you should too. cuz while i like sharing most of my life with everyone, there are somethings my mama don’t need to know.

NB: i’m less worried about facebook these days, since Anonymous is set to take them down on november 5.

i really can’t wait to see what happens.

this is not the future of libraries

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above is a screengrab from a presentation given today by the Jeff Trzeciak, University Librarian at McMaster. i encourage you to watch his whole talk here.
i am all for bringing in people with new skills.
i am all for gutting and redesigning our spaces to meet user needs.
and i am all for radical transformation in libraryland.
but mostly, i am for LIBRARIANS running LIBRARIES.

the revolution is coming. librarians wanted.

enough is enough

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artist: Nina Paley

enough with restricted content.
enough with libraries renting content at ridiculously high rates.
digital rights management software doesn’t prevent piracy, and it doesn’t increase your audience. you know what increases your audience? libraries.

to read up on all this search for #hcod as a tag, check out library renewal, or call in to the libpunk radio show to join in on the ranting.

why you can’t trust the machines

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the lovely laurax posted a pic of a worldcat search to friendfeed this evening. let me show you it.

ZOMG YES THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT! ¬†thanks worldcat, good catch.

this is exactly why the world needs librarians. no matter how good your algorithms are, sometimes they just, ummm, don’t work.

gotta run! mumumelon is having a big sale on koga pants.

*and with this post, i have initiated a new category for this blog – “headdesk”