cil2009 – an anniversary of sorts

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just arrived at CiL after a pretty bumpy ride on what must have been air canada’s teeniest plane.

off to a good start as i finally got to meet the awesome Karen Schneider while waiting for our shuttle to the hyatt.

this time last year, i was still in school and decided, on one crazy afternoon, to attend CiL. everyone was tweeting about it and it just sounded like a great place to talk to real live librarians about tech in libraries.

i got a gig coordinating the quickie talks in the exhibit hall in exchange for free registration. the lovely Krista let me bunk with her despite not knowing me (at all). and all the tweeps were wonderfully welcoming to me and let me be their groupie for the entire conference. it was incredible.

one year later a lot has changed, but i am still as excited as i was last year (and i’m still bunking with Krista, and i still feel like a groupie). it’ll be different  now that i have a gig and can critically assess ideas and their usefulness at mpow (as opposed to last year when i was just taking it all in becaues i wasn’t sure where i would end up working). i’m really looking forward to stealing everyone’s ideas learning about new services and possibly implementing them chez moi.

oh, i’m also REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on a LSW Shover & Maker button!
LSW / S & M

monterey is so lovely

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yesterday was day one at internet librarian. actually it was day -2 since it was all preconference stuff. i attended “practical project management” which got my juices flowing about how i can apply the tricks i learned to all the projects that i’m currently involved with at mpow. it was great, and the facilitators (sadie honey, kathleen cameron, and leslie wolf) were very well prepared and interesting speakers. it was awesome. yay!

after the precon i met up with my roommate krista and steven cohen for drinks at the crown and anchor. this quickly turned into all kinds o’crazy as people started filtering in. it was awesome to finally “meat” (as in meet in the flesh) the folks that i chat with in social networks like: merry, jez, colleen, robin, bobbi, laura, steve, and undoubtedly some peeps i’ve forgotten. it was great to also see a bunch of folks that i met very briefly at computers in libraries.

i must admit i feel a bit less like a groupie at this conference than i did at CiL. maybe it’s because i’m a librarian now – for realz – but really i think it’s because this group of folks is so welcoming and supportive, they make me feel like one of the cool kids. i am one lucky chiquita.

holy cow it’s chilly in Seattle

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but frankly it’s a welcome break from the icky-sticky heat we had in Montreal last week.

i’m pretty pumped about the SLA conference since this is my first conference where i am able to say that i am a librarian! (and no, i don’t just mean that in terms of having an MLIS now – let’s not open the whole M&S can of worms again – but until now i hadn’t even worked in a library. thus MLIS + working in a library = librarian, si?)

i’m helping my aunt setup the SLA Marketplace again (her store provides all the killer books sold at the SLA) but since i am an “award winner” (note to all SLA student group presidents – recruit lotsa students, get free registration & hotel at SLA!) i can also attend all the sessions that i like (in previous year i’ve worked at the Marketplace throughout the entire conference).

i’m going to meet up with some tweeps, the LSW SLA crew, and hit up the always-a-rockin’-time Canadian reception.

i’ll blog about the fun stuff. for the more professional stuff, i’ll probably keep that at – i’m testing out separating my professional online life from this blog which is a mix of LIS and other stuff.

made it to Arlington

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but it wasn’t totally uneventful. the security folk in Montreal weren’t sure what my XO laptop was so i got the “special” treatment – went into that little glass room and told them all about Nick Negroponte, MIT, the issues surrounding the north/south digital divide…
actually i just turned it on for them and tried to surf the net (no free wifi at the Montreal aeroport – blech!) i guess they believed me because rubber gloves never made an appearance.

so i’m here and bunking with krista. our beds have remote controls and the wine glasses come with lids (sippy cups anyone?) so i feel like i’m the lap of luxury.

i’m not meeting up with the twitter gang (twang?) tonight because i still have homework to do and they are doing naughty things.
but tomorrow night – i’m meeting them for a beer or two and so that cindi and i can write the rules to the twitter drinking game (more on that soon).

CiL2008, aka, heaven for a library groupie…

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…like me.

i really hope i don’t act like a complete dork (a little dorkiness is de rigeur for me) at CiL2008 when i come face to face with librarians i think. are. the. bees. knees.

i’m heading down april 6-10 (returning in time for my presentation at the ABQLA conference on the 11th) and staying at the Radisson which i’m told has free wifi in all the guest rooms, which is good, because the conference hotel does not. (actually, that’s not true, it has T-Mobile, which isn’t actually bad for me because my little XO laptop came with a year’s free T-Mobile service! yay! free stuff!)

oh! and i get to spend some time with krista writing our IFLA paper (has to be dunzo by may 1st) which rocks because i have only met her once in real life (though we’re old SL buddies).