a letter to libraryland partners

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dear aggregators, ILS vendors, publishers, computer companies, library-equipment companies, and various “cooperatives”:

some good friends in libraryland are having a rough few weeks dealing with you. this makes me unhappy. first off, i appreciate that:

  1. for the most part you are in this for the benjamins while we are in it for our communities.
  2. to stay competitive you can’t tailor things down to meet absolutely everyone’s needs.
  3. you are responsible to your board members who are mostly concerned with #1.

given all of that (and i’m more “appreciative” than some) i still demand an explanation for the abominable customer service, foggy service contracts, condescending sales reps, tech support folks who treat libraries like guinea pigs for a new bug-tracking system, or ridiculous charges for “packages” (mpow has the economist from 8 different sources – it’s a great mag, but, srsly?).

consider this your notice, this will not last much longer. librarians are learning. learning that we can do a lot on our own. learning that it’s worth finding partners how really listen to us. learning that it’s okay to name names and call people out for their craptastic behaviour.

OH! and these librarians? they are moving into upper management (aka: where the buck stops).

so it’s your call really, continue to treat us poorly and then face the inevitable smackdown when i’m running the library. or up your game now, and become a true partner.


3 Comments on “a letter to libraryland partners”

  1. 1 Dale said at 1:43 pm on September 20th, 2011:

    Right on. I just spent too much of my last two weeks hammering on a vendor for poor performance, being told repeatedly that the problem is, at its essence, that they have too many customers. Have long advocated that librarians grow some courage and bark at vendors who offer poor products. Alas, the sheeplike behaviour one sees at ALA and similar trade shows doesn’t seem near its end.

    I happen to have one of those upper mgt jobs at the moment, and it has not suddenly turned me into an easy mark for a sales pitch. Watching all of the bandwagoning going on with Summon and Primo, however, makes me think there are still a lot of softies making the decisions.

  2. 2 amy said at 1:48 pm on September 20th, 2011:

    i’ve had that excuse too “we grew too big too quickly, so you have to wait 3 weeks for a technician.”
    ummmm, nope. not acceptable.

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