8 questions meme

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la bella ali tagged me for this awhile back… (sorry babe!) i skipped a few Qs as i am currently sans kids.

so here we go.

1. Is there anything you’ve ever eaten that was so delicious that you think of it and go kind of misty-eyed to this very day?

  • my mom’s yorkshire pudding tastes like joy. (and at a zillion calories, why wouldn’t it?)

2. Are you a city person or country person? Half and half? Why?

  • until my mid-teens i adored living in the suburbs. lachine was filled with parks, kids playing in the streets, and a real sense of community. and when i think of raising kids, i would want to do that in the ‘burbs, at least for the first few years. (note: i didn’t go to high school in lachine. best decision i ever made.) (not because lachine high wasn’t a great school, but because it got me out of the usual.)
  • as an adult – city. please.

4. What’s the loveliest place you’ve ever traveled? Could be wildly exotic or comfortingly local.

  • loveliest would be a tie between barcelona and guadeloupe. as for my new fave place to live? edinburgh. in a heartbeat.

5. Okay, same as Sigrid: Laundry tips? Please?

  • a rag sprayed with white vinegar stops almost all static in the dryer.
  • wash bright blue items with white items to increase the “whiteness”.

6. Do you have a life plan, or do you just sort of truck along?

  • everyday i want to be happy – adjust life accordingly. when that fails, review life, adjust accordingly. (basically – i roll with the punches.)

7. Would friends of the teenage you recognize the current you? Would you still get along?

  • i think they would definitely recognize me. and for the most part, we’d still get along. and like ali, i’m still friends with a bunch of them. (including ali)

8. Any novels to recommend for an almost-seven-year-old girl? What were your favourites? Which are you looking forward to sharing with your own kid(s)?

  • ali’s list is pretty good. i could prolly pull together a list from some youth librarians for you. these days, graphic novels are very popular and they have been proven to build literacy skills just like traditional texts. </endofmyliteracyspeech

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